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Professional Land Cargo Handling Services
Land, air, and sea cargo are delivered quickly, safely, and securely by Faraja Express Cargo. We provide delivery services with the quickest and most economical transit times.

We have collaborations with numerous and dependable industry participants. As a result, we can provide better and more affordable rates.
We deliver using the quickest travel times using the most advantageous, economical routings.

Faraja Express
Air Cargo Services

Handling of
Import and Export Cargo
All import and export handling requirements, including paperwork processing, cargo agents, and/or warehouse handling, are met by Faraja Express Cargo. Your specialty cargo, such as live animals, expensive goods, human remains, dangerous commodities, perishables, pharmaceuticals, and more, will be handled by our highly skilled and knowledgeable crew.
Safety & Compliance
The numerous safety training initiatives of the numerous airlines we represent are managed by our knowledgeable corporate team. We make sure that all laws governing cargo handling and cargo security are strictly followed and put into practice. Our ongoing concern is to ensure your high level of safety and security.
Screening of Cargo
Faraja Express Cargo is aware of what it takes to ensure that cargo complies with all TSA, Customs, and other governmental rules and regulations and is safe to fly. The cargo screening teams operate apart from our other cargo agents at our larger locations so they can concentrate on cargo security. To make sure we achieve this crucial need, we use cutting-edge technology and highly qualified employees.
Delivery and Pickup
We provide local pickup and delivery services for you and your clients at various locations. For information and prices, please speak with any Faraja Express manager.
Bonded Warehouse
Customs Bonded Warehouse
In the Republic of Tanzania, Faraja Express Cargo manage Container Freight Station (CFS) shipments and consolidations at all of our bonded warehouses.
Your unique and particular requirements for imported goods will be satisfied by our Tanzania Foreign Trade Zone operation in the Port of Dar es Salaam.
Handling of
Freighters & Charters

Ad hoc charter handling services and freighter handling are also provided by Faraja Expresss Cargo. Please ask any Faraja Express manager for details and costs.
24hrs 7days a Week
Mail Handling Services

Call Faraja Express if you require complete mail handling and coverage around-the-clock. Anywhere in Tanzania, we will take care of your mail scanning needs and give high mail scan performance on schedule..
Handling of
Dangerous Goods
Our licensed and experienced staff at Faraja Express Cargo will handle and examine your dangerous goods shipments and documents. Agents who are qualified to handle dangerous goods are carefully chosen and sent to both our demanding training program and the relevant airline courses.
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